Multilotto Casino: Numerous Opportunities to Gamble in Finland


Multilotto Casino first started its work in 2012, it had in mind one very simple task - to enable players around the world to play the most exciting lotteries in the world. And, frankly, this is what the site did very well, receiving many accolades and many awards for its convenient platform. In an effort to keep up with current trends, Multilotto somewhat expanded its terms of reference and added a casino element to the website. This means that visitors can now play video slots and indulge their love of casino games, thinking about whether they should play a lottery.

Multilotto is one of the safest lottery agents on the market, which pays very serious attention to protecting its players and their safety. This site does not store your credit card information and ensures that it does not provide or sell your personal data and email address to third parties. Its good faith is confirmed by Norton Safe Web and Google Safe Browsing certificates. Learn more about Multilotto at

Multilotto Review: How Does It Work?

Initially, only 6 lotteries were offered at Multilotto: Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Bonoloto and La Primitiva. Subsequently, this list was supplemented by the New York Lotto Lottery, Mega Sena, Super Lotto Plus, SuperEnalotto, and El Gordo. Consider some of the most popular lotteries offered on the Multilotto website:

  • Powerball is an American lottery with two playing fields: you need to guess 5 of 69 numbers from the first reel and 1 of 26 numbers from the second. The minimum jackpot is $ 40,000,000.
  • Mega Millions is another American lottery that in many ways resembles Powerball. It is necessary to guess 5 of 75 numbers from the first and 1 of 15 numbers from the second reel. If you guessed all the numbers, you will become richer by at least $ 15,000,000.
  • EuroMillions is a large European lottery launched in February 2004 in France, Spain and the UK. Later, players from other countries joined it to win a jackpot of EUR 17,000,000 or more. In this lottery, you need to match 5 out of 50 numbers from the first reel and 2 out of 12 numbers from the second.
  • EuroJackpot is a relatively young lottery, launched in 2012, where you need to guess 5 main numbers from the range from 1 to 50, and 2 additional numbers from the range from 1 to 10. The minimum jackpot here is 10,000,000 euros.
  • Bonoloto is a popular lottery in Spain, the draws of which are held every day, except Sunday. The jackpot can be won here if you guess 6 of the 49 numbers. Another Spanish lottery, which can be played on Multilotto, La Primitiva, also uses the 6 of 49 scheme, but it is only drawn on Thursdays and Saturdays. El Gordo, the third Spanish lottery, has slightly different rules. It has two playing fields, and to win the jackpot you need to guess 5 out of 54 numbers from the first reel and an additional number (key) from the range from 0 to 9 (inclusive).

Multilotto offers to play in the most popular Italian lottery, SuperEnaLotto, with good chances of winning, as it is necessary to guess 6 numbers out of 90. In addition, there is the opportunity to play New York Lotto and California SuperLotto.

Multilotto Review: Syndicates

You can play syndicates at Multilotto: you can join a group of players, which will save money and increase your chances of winning. Statistics show that most jackpots are won precisely by player syndicates.

Draw Results

The Multilotto website displays the results of 11 lotteries offered for the game, these results become available 15-20 minutes after their official announcement. In addition, users have the opportunity to find out the results of numerous lotteries whose tickets are not sold on this site, including the Canadian Lotto 6/49, the Australian Powerball and Saturday Lotto, as well as the National Lottery of Great Britain.

Winning at Multilotto

If you are lucky and you become a winner through the Multilotto website, the winnings are automatically credited to your electronic account from which, in just a few seconds, your winnings can be transferred to your personal bank account. Each player to whom the prize is due receives a notification to his email. mail, and in case of a large win, Multilotto employees inform the winner by phone or SMS.

Multilotto Special Offers/Bonuses

The Multilotto website offers a number of great rewards for playing lotteries, including bonuses for replenishing an electronic account, tickets for win-win lotteries and games with guaranteed reimbursement. In addition, there is a special section that not all competitors can offer - a unique online store, the so-called "Shop for billionaires", which is the "ultimate goal of winners", offering a wide range of luxury items such as cars, helicopters, yachts , watches and jewelry. Everything is in like in films about Casino but you can win a fortune in reality!